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Growing Rangoon Creepers in my house

Sampurasun ... Rampes.

MANGYONO.com - Growing Rangoon Creepers in In my house.

Rangoon creeper is the most common vine in Delhi. It is not uncommon to see the creeper rooted only in a small hole in cemented groud, but the vine thriving and climbing high. 

The Rangoon creeper, also known as the Chinese honeysuckle, is a sturdy, vigorously growing, profusely flowering, perennial climber that does not need any maintenance. In Kannada, it is known as Akash Mallige. Its Sanskrit name is Madhu Malati. In Konkani, it is called Mumbai Mogri. Botanically, it is known as Quisqualis Indica/ Qusiqualis densiflora/ Combretum Indicum. Quisqualis in Latin means, ‘What is that?’.
FOTO 1: Growing Rangoon Creepers in my house
 FOTO 1: Growing Rangoon Creepers in my house

Tender plants are reddish in color. As they grow, the normal green colour appears. In a mature creeper, the stem becomes woody and thorns appear. Once established, it hardly dies. If it gets proper sunlight and enough water, it flowers profusely in big bunches of 15-30 tubular fragrant flowers in shades of white, pink and red. 

FOTO 2 : Rangoon Creepers in my house.
FOTO 2 : Rangoon Creepers in my house. Ini adalah Bunga Melati Belanda ( Quisqualis indica).   Tanaman ini juga sering disebut dengan nama Chinese Honeysuckle. Tanaman ini memiliki warna yang sangat menarik, terutama karena kombinasi warna bunganya.   

Baca : Melati Merah, Melati Belanda , Melati India, Jasmine Sambac.

As soon as the flower blooms in the evening, it is white in colour. The next morning, it acquires a light pink colour and by evening, it turns into dark reddish pink. Since four-five flowers in the bunch bloom every day, it is spectacular scene with tri-colored flowers in the same bunch any day. The drooping bunches give additional beauty to the creeper.

In my house, it bloomed twice every year, once from February to May and again from August to November. Rarely, a fruit may be seen.

FOTO 3 : Rangoon Creepers in my house.
FOTO 3 : Rangoon Creepers in my house. Dalam setangkai merupakan campuran warna merah,  pink, putih dan hijau.
Pohon melati belanda adalah salah satu tanaman rambat yang memiliki bunga yang sangat indah dan sering digunakan sebagai tanaman untuk menutupi kanopi rumah.

This plant is used in traditional medicine in India and Pakistan. Though relatively pest-free , in summer, white flies infect it. With proper spray of insecticide, this can be kept in control.

It is an excellent choice to cover the compound wall, pillar, or make virtual partition, etc in Indonesia.

FOTO 4 : Rangoon Creepers in my house
FOTO 4 : Rangoon Creepers in my house. Tanaman ini saya dapat dari Bu RW di Jakarta pada 6 tahun yang lalu, saat itu tingginya hanya baru sekitar 50 cm dan sekarang sudah mencapai puluhan meter  dan bibitnya juga sudah banyak saya tanam di sekeliling rumah saya Bunga Melati Belanda sebagai peneduh Pergola dan Torn Air. ... Dan banyak juga yang di beli tetangga dan kerabat.

We just had to take a moment to write about this wonderful flowering vine. Rangoon Creeper (Quisqualis indica) thrives.

Lovely clusters of red/pink/white blooms hang down from these semi-evergreen vines. The blooms are incredibly fragrant at night.
Rangoon Creeper-A Houston Garden Must Have!.
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